I fly out with Bright Feathers

I fly out with Bright Feathers

Allegra Taylor has journeyed through the world in a quest to understand how healing works.

Allegra Taylor chronicles her own gradual acquisition of healing skills as she explores a whole range of methods and ideas. She discovers that the healer is essentially a catalyst, not a magician. That health is much more than mere absence of disease. That the power to heal is one face of the power to love. That anyone can do it.

"Allegra Taylor is a born healer; she is also a born writer. This is certainly one of the best books (and one of the most entertaining) about healing that I have ever read. It is also sane, sincere, and down to earth. I urge anyone with an interest in spiritual and psychic matters to treat themselves to this gem of a book."
Spiritualist Magazine

"Balanced, perceptive and down-to-earth"
The Guardian

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