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Our publishing venture began with finding the yellowing manuscript of my father’s memoirs lying undiscovered for nearly 50 years in a box file in the loft.

It spans the period of time from his birth in 1905 into a traditional orthodox Jewish shtetl in Poland to coming to London and meeting the flame-haired English woman in 1932 who became the love of his life.

He died before he finished writing it and so I picked up the story beginning with my own birth in 1940 in Australia up to the present day. These two volumes provide a history of the adventures of this one Jewish Family’s progression through the turbulent 20th century from a world of timeless certainties to a new world – multicultural, multinational, multiracial.

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These volumes are mostly out of print but copies may still be available second-hand from Amazon.

  • Allegra Taylor has journeyed through the world in a quest to understand how healing works.

  • Death is the most predictable thing that will happen to any of us and one of the few experiences we share with every other human being, yet we hardly give it a thought.

  • The oldest profession continues to flourish, on the streets and in brothels, in expensive hotels and suburban semis.

  • What is healing and how does it work? What does a healer do? Can I heal myself and others? What healing techniques can I use?

  • In our modern, Western, youth-worshipping culture, getting older has become something to be feared and denied.

  • In many parts of the world today there is a gathering groundswell of women seeking to reclaim their own direct experience of spiritual vision.

  • Tal Lives on Kibbutz Erez, in Israel. During the day he lives in a Children’s House with all his friends, so there are always plenty of people to play with.

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